I'm Stephen, a seasoned Product Design consultant, freelancer, and coach

I'm Stephen, a seasoned Product Design consultant, freelancer, and coach

I help build business-defining products, award-winning user experiences, and skilled design teams.

My services


UX reviews

Get a one-off report of the biggest UX opportunities in your product to help your business's key metrics—no meetings necessary!

Improvement to your key metrics is guaranteed if the recommendations included in the report are followed.


Principal-level design work

Enlist reliable, pro freelance design help on your next big feature or redesign.

User research, IA, concepting, wireframing, UX/UI, cross-functional collaboration and stakeholder management... it’s all on the table. 


Design leadership

Get advice, tools, or hands-on help building a UX or product design team from scratch or leading, mentoring, and multiplying the impact of an existing team.

This can include help shaping job descriptions, career growth paths, and processes, or even help critiquing your team's design work.


Product visioning

Get help creating inspiring, future-thinking product visions that can inspire your organization, investors, and users.

I provide tools and frameworks for your and your key stakeholders, and can step in to lead your design team through a visioning sprint or ongoing effort.


Coaching and mentorship

I offer coaching to designers of all levels. In weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions, I'll review and collaborate with you on your work, and share proven templates, tools, and techniques that will increase your impact and authority.

Sessions are 1:1, so each one is tailored to your goals.


Stephen handles projects of any size, any level of uncertainty with a calm demeanor. He can easily distill and explain high-level ideas to stakeholders while still highlighting the ground-level work behind them.

He naturally becomes a leader on teams, adapting to a wide variety of people and team structures.

Benjamin Brown
Creative Technologist
VSA Partners

You know those rare times you work with someone who has thought ahead, planned ahead, says "I've got this" and comes up with the goods better than you ever would have expected, and made it all look super easy?

That's Stephen.

Ben Crothers
Principal Design Strategist

I was most impressed with Stephen’s consistently meticulous research, innovative hypotheses, and thorough testing that kept our product competitive and forward thinking while always fiercely advocating to meet the user’s needs.

Stephanie Skuzenski
Senior Manager, Digital Experience & Digital Product Design
Johnson & Johnson

Stephen's creativity, dependability, and willingness to accept any challenge made him an integral fixture for the UX team's success.

His personality and warm nature allowed him to strengthen team chemistry as well as become a trusted partner for our clients.

Isaiah Andrews
Head of Design
Nike Virtual Studios

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My goal is to meet you where you are, whether it's your first time working with a designer or you just need a reliable pro ASAP.


Stephen A. Thomas

UX / Product Design consultant, coach, and freelancer based in NYC